interamerican auto parts exporters warehouse in opa locka, florida

We are an auto parts exporting company with 15 years expertise and experience. We distribute parts to different parts of the world including the Caribbean, Central and South America. We locate and distribute both used and new auto parts. We keep getting better and better.

Our company is registered and accredited and our services are safe and secure. We know that the lifespan of your vehicle depends on the kind of auto parts we supply to you, so we take our time to locate and stock the highest quality parts both new and old

Because we put you and other customers first, we make use of highly professional and dedicated customer support team that is ever ready to render assistance. You can count on our customer support team that is available to you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

As part of our efforts to meet and exceed your expectations, we deliver your orders earlier than schedule because we know that the issue with your vehicle may have kept it off the road for some time and you can’t wait to bring it back to life.

We do wholesale and retail. Getting the best auto parts has become very easy for us as we already have a network of reputable auto parts suppliers. To avoid stocking inferior quality products we don’t get our products from just any supplier. We take the time to evaluate prospective suppliers and also evaluate their products.

We know how frustrating it can be for our customers if they don’t get what they need at the time they need it, so we always replenish our stock as regularly as possible. We can comfortably say we never run out of stock. You can always count on us.

One other quality that has gotten us to the top of auto part distribution business is variety. We offer auto parts for a wide variety of automobile brands. No matter what brand your car is, no matter what model of the brand it is, we have the part you need and if we don’t, we can locate it for you in a matter of days.

Having sold auto parts for about 15 years, we already know the pros and cons of every brand and that puts us in the best position to advise our customers on the choice of their parts. We don’t just locate and distribute auto parts, we also have mechanic shops where our highly trained engineers fix cars. So, if you live around any of our stores, you can bring your car over.

Finally, our door is always open for free consultation. This is because we place people in two categories – current customers and prospective customers. If you are not our current customer, you are our prospective customer. For consultation, just call us before hand and we will make preparations for you. Even though our business is capital intensive, our prices are reasonable. Since we have the interest of our customers at heart, we offer them the cheapest effective solutions. Why not contact us today? You will be glad you did.