hard to find auto partsHard To Find Auto Parts

Are you looking for new or used auto parts to restore a dated vehicle that is potentially a very reliable means of transportation? Or, maybe you are trying to find classic car parts to bring what looks like a broken down piece of merchandise back to the beautiful and majestic automobile it could be. Yet it seems that no one carries that part. We can do the footwork for you so that you can ‘flip’ that car. We handle the entire spectrum and are here to help you locate whatever auto parts you may need.

Why It Is Difficult to Locate Some Parts?

Purchasing standard auto parts may be simple, however, to locate replacements that have not been recently manufactured can be difficult. The company may no longer be in business. A model may have been unpopular and production was shut down for that particular vehicle.

Discontinued Radiator Grills

Radiator grills give your vehicle charisma. Locating grills for automobiles such as the K Car, Geo Storm, Pontiac Montana, Chrysler or Jeep can be a challenge. Grills – bar billet or mesh, are made from various materials – aluminum, stainless steel or plastic – and one grill is not interchangeable with another. When a car is no longer on the market, taking the time to find a radiator grill may lead you to junk yards, auto shops and online searches.

Cylinder Head Gasket

Head gaskets maintain engine compression as well as isolate the engine fluids – the coolant, oil and fuel – from one another. When the head gasket fails, it can eventually have negative effects on other systems such as valves or pistons. A broken head gasket, if left unattended, can even ruin the entire engine. Therefore, locating the correct gasket is important.

Steering Wheels

Some steering wheels operate via a hydraulic power steering system (HPS) or by electrical power controlled by a computer. Older vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and trucks however, use what is called a recirculating ball and nut mechanism and others utilize the rack and pinion system. There are multiple varieties of steering wheels depending upon the year, make and model of the vehicle. Therefore, one steering wheel will not be compatible with another.

Auto Parts Locators

InterAmerican has spent years researching where to acquire the rare finds of the automotive industry. We have the experience, time and knowledge to help customers locate that special component. We understand the construction, the materials, shapes, sizes as well as how they interact with other parts of the engine. At times, some companies even recreate parts. We know where to look and recognize that one part is not interchangeable with something similar.

Search for Lower Prices

The hunt is on. Where can you find a bargain without “getting what you pay for”? InterAmerican understands people would like to spend less. There is a balance between selling high quality products that are overpriced and selling merchandise in poor condition and minimally ticketed. When you purchase from InterAmerican, you can be assured that we maintain a standard of excellence while maintaining a lower price. How? We develop a long-standing relationship with our contacts.

The Parts Are Out There. We Know it.

It may take time, phone calls, online searches, investigations and even contacting companies who are located overseas, but we will find that rare part for you. For us, it is a welcomed challenge. We look forward to providing a service that requires the know-how, time and energy that many people do not have during their busy day. It’s the Automotive Steeplechase!