Pro tips to making an older car feel brand new

Your car is more than just a means to get to distances near or far quickly, cars are a means of expression, of freedom and can act like a friend. But, sometimes even a good thing needs updating and that’s never been more important than with a vehicle. Updating your older vehicle to newer more pristine can be done, so let look at how you can make your car feel and look new again on a budget.


One of the most cost effective ways to update a tired looking vehicle is updating the headlight area on the vehicle. It is important to understand that over time plastic coverings on headlights can corrode and break down making it an important area to focus on when looking into updating an older car. But, getting a newer look from your car’s headlights doesn’t have to cost the moon.

Here’s a process that could get your car’s headlights looking new:

First: Clean and wash the surface of your car by waxing.
Second: Next, using blue or white low-task painting tape mask the area around the headlights. This will allow any polish used from a headlight restoration kit to adhere easier which will make the polishing process a breeze. Be sure to review and if needed, remove any excess trim.

Third: You’ll want to sand down the newly masked area using sandpaper to remove and rub off any upper haze on the surface of light, this process will leave a dull, rough surface to the headlight. Just be sure to continue until discolorations and scratches on the headlight are gone.

Fourth: Once these early steps are followed, the headlight’s surface is ready for polishing by using a polishing compound and microfiber for moderately obscured headlight surfaces. Next, follow up with a UV sealant to prevent a return to hazing. Reset and adjust the headlights and they should be looking closer to new.

But, for those who can’t or don’t want to apply elbow grease to the process should look into replacing the old headlights with newer HID or Led replacement bulbs Miami. The process is simple and will have your old car’s headlights looking brand new.

Air conditioner:

Over time your car’s air conditioner can start to lose its frosty cold, so if your older car’s air conditioner is still functional. Yet, it pumps out hot or moderately cool air you might want to consider recharging the refrigerant in the car’s cooling system. But, understand great care must be taken in the removal and disposal of any type of car refrigerant. Recharging an older car’s air conditioning refrigerant is a simple, very cost effective way to have your vehicle feeling cold again in no time.


Brakes are the life’s blood of any vehicle and should be treated with utmost care and respect. So, don’t skimp on price when you are looking to update the brake system in your older model car, any upgrade to a braking system should include performance brakes and rotors such as Hawk or Powerstop brake kit models. Purchasing brake pads for a non-performance car generally runs in cost between $50 to $80 dollars for a set of four pads, and between $150 and $200 for front and rear rotors and pads. If you’re looking to save money, changing your old car’s brake system could be the way to go. So, if you’re looking to change brakes yourself, you might want to check out YouTube or WikiHow for step-by-step instructions and you could save even more money in making your older vehicle feel new.

The process of updating and upgrading an older vehicle doesn’t have to be a chore when you know what you want and need to give your older car a polish and shine. Using high-quality materials could take years off your well-loved vehicle so that you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. So, be sure to use some of our tips to updating and your older car can and will start to look plus feel brand new.