Auto Part Specialist

Keith has been working in the auto parts industry for over 20 years. Is always available to his customers!

Keith has 26 years of experience in the auto industry and has been working at InterAmerican for a year. Before working for InterAmerican, Keith worked for a company with an interesting history – Mercedes-Benz. The vehicle was the first fuel-powered automobile that was strongly influenced by two women: The car was originally financed by Bertha Benz., the wife and automotive partner of Carl Benz. It was also named after Mercedes Jellinek, the daughter of Emil Jellinek, the commissioner of the original Mercedes.

In addition to this luxury car, Keith would be happy to hear from clients who have questions on discount auto parts or own any of the other foreign or domestic forms of transport traveling the streets – such as the Cadillac, Buick, Land Rover, Ford, Chevrolet, Volkswagen or Audi.

Keith enjoys photography in his spare time.


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